Rock Chip Squad

Windshield Repair
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Chip Happens!  Let Us Help You Save Your Windshield!   

Our Shop is located in the parking lot of Rosauers Market at 2370 S. Reserve St. in Missoula.

Call or Text 406-624-9365 with any questions you may have.

Open Monday-Friday from 9am to 6pm.

Saturday’s from 9am to 3pm.

Closed On Sunday.

Windshield Repairs

We offer Convenient 20 Minute Drive-up Service for windshield rock chip and crack repairs with no appointment necessary.  

We can also come to your work or home location for repairs most days in the Missoula area depending upon the workload at our Shop location.

We are Insurance Approved with All Companies.  

We charge $39 for the first rock chip and $10 for each additional chip. Plus an additional $10 if we come Mobile to your location in the Missoula area.

Crack repairs start at $49.  We can repair most cracks up to 12 inches long. Crack repairs will take about 30 minutes.

If your vehicle has full comprehensive insurance your insurance will fix up to 3 rock chips and most cracks for free.  Liability only insurance does not fix rock chips for free.

When you arrive at our location we will make a short 5 minute phone call with you on the phone to get your repair authorized. 

Our repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

Windshield Replacements

We are Insurance Approved and Authorized With All Insurance Companies!

The cost for a windshield replacement when you are paying out of pocket depends upon the year, make and model of your vehicle.   Replacements with us start at $189. 

An appointment for a windshield replacement is needed.  Replacements take 2 hours.  There is a nice lounge in Rosauers Market and there is a Starbucks across the street.

You can call or text us for a windshield replacement quote at 406-624-9365.  We even reply to text messages after hours and weekends when available.

We are insurance approved with all companies.   We can a 5 minute phone call with you on the phone at our Shop to get your replacement authorized.

In some cases we can do your replacement the same day. Sometimes we need 2-3 days advance notice when we are super busy.

If you are calling from your home or work just give them our name “Rock Chip Squad” and our shop phone number of 406-624-9365 and they will look us up and send us email authorization for your insurance replacement.

We only use top quality auto glass from Pilkington, PGW and Trival.

All windshield replacements with us include a year of free windshield rock chip and crack repairs.   

We offer a lifetime guarantee against the unlikely event of an air or water leak.

We do not charge you for windshield disposal fees.

If your vehicle has Lane Departure Warning System, Lane Keep Assist and other ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems your Windshield Camera Systems MUST be recalibrated after your windshield is replaced, otherwise you are risking yourself, your family and friends not being properly warned when you are drifting into another lane of traffic.

Rock Chip Squad is Certified and Authorized by all Insurance Companies to do Windshield Camera Recalibrations on many, but not all makes of Vehicles.  This will save you the trouble of having it done at your Local Car Dealership which can mean your vehicle is unavailable for the entire day.  We can do most recalibrations in 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending upon the vehicle.

If you are comparing us with Safelite Auto Glass realize they DO NOT OFFER a year of free rock chip repairs with their windshield replacements.  We Do!

We will replace some back windows but it depends on the vehicle year, make and model.  We do not replace any side window glass.

Working on a Windshield Replacement and a Rock Chip Repair.